Phony 2012

The internet perhaps, could be the mother of “the mother of all the lies” that mankind can propagate. The Kony 2012 “documentary”  could perhaps be its benchmark. The half an hour video is… Continue reading

Of Goondas, Crocodiles and things!

A mash up of “Beware the ides of march” and “out out you damned spot” would be ideal for the situation at hand here. Just as UP celebrated the coming of a fresher,… Continue reading

The third front and all that jazz.

Just came across the news that a ‘ third front’ maybe formed. And yes, this news was received with much amusement by people on twitter. Hence I concluded that this must be some… Continue reading

Akhilesh Yadav and the scene at UP

Quite unknown to me until a month back, this name Akhilesh yadav is quite the shit right now and is to be the chief minister now. The son of ex chief minister of… Continue reading

Politics and me

I guess it must be an interesting time in Indian politics, because I’m generally never interested in it – just like a lot of other people I know. Its funny how oblivious we… Continue reading

The crowd of ‘The Bicycle Thief’

This movie is about a monster with a thousand mouths and a a million hands. A monster with no capacity to think – only act. A crowd, is what this monster is called.… Continue reading

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